Chat to text is a network where they pay you to text. Its a way for individuals to make some real money texting by using there cell phones to write to friends using facebook, Bebo, Myspace & Twitter. Chat to text is a cool way to stay intouch with friends and is also good for people who have there own business.

MAKE MONEY TEXTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is a Networking source where you get paid to text from your phone to a networking source like Facebook, Bebo, Myspace & Twitter. Chat to Text gives you the ability to chat from a social network to a designated cell phone, without having the person cell phone number.

Until now, texting has required both parties to have a cell phone, and to have each other’s cell phone number. The Chat to Text service makes it possible for visitors to a website to send a text through a window on the site and receive a response within moments, all without the need for a cell phone and without knowing the cell phone number they are sending the chat message to.

Teens and young people love to chat online, and love to send text messages. Now Chat to Text allows them to do both. The new service also enables customers to earn income by telling there friends about Chat to Text through referrals. Each customer receives an affiliate website link that they can give to friends, family and get credit for each person who signs up using that link.

Chat to text is a good way to keep in touch with your friends but is also a business opportunity. The compensation plan of this service Chat to Text is for everybody that you refer to this opportunity you will receive $2.00 and for whoever they sign up you receive $0.25 all the way down to 9 levels.

Now $0.25 don't seem like a lot of money but I can tell you if you sign up 3 and your 3 sign up 3 and that 3 sign up 3 all the way down to 9 levels you will receive $7,000.00 residual income for the rest of your life every month that's around $85,000.00 a year residual income. Now if you like you can sign up how many you would like the 3 I was talking about is just an example so you can have 20 direct people you sign up and receive $40.00 month in and month out just by doing what we do everyday texting and social networking.

This is an awesome income potential for those who have a business who want to keep in touch with their clients and market their business through chat to text give you that instant response to your cell phone.

Now the catch is you only have to spend $6.00 a month that's it just $6.00 with no hidden fees and unlimited texting. The question is who don’t have $6.00 we spend that driving or going to McDonalds. Now if you find 3 people who say you know what this is an awesome tool to have and I believe this thing will blow up just like Facebook, Myspace & Twitter did well come and enjoy this awesome income opportunity.

Very simple and to see that this program is New to the internet you better jump on board because this is a awesome income opportunity for those who are interested in making some residual income.

How can this service help a business owner ?

Actually With this service you can put the Chat to Text service onto your website that way your customers can reach you Via Text without giving out your phone number. Lets say your in a meeting and can't talk on the phone well with this service you can cater to your customers without being on the phone. This is a awesome new tool that's out and can boost your business to the next level.

Why join chat to text?

The reason why I joined chat to text is not only to keep in touch with my family and friends, but it was a opportunity. It was a chance to make some cash while in school. You see in today’s society just having a job will not cut it. Things have changed of making a living back in the 80’s & 90’s you can live off of one income or one job. But I wanted a chance to create residual income doing something that I do anyway. I’m sure you all out there will like the same opportunity to create a 2nd stream of income.

What is Chat to Text and does it live up to its expectation?

Yes it does! First of all what is Chat to Text. Chat to Text is an application that was supposed to be integrated with Facebook to allow web visitors to your page to contact you via text message from your page to their mobile phone with a SMS text message without giving out your cell phone number. What a great concept. A visitor wants to get in touch with you right away so they just click a box and send you a text. You reply and your message goes back to the visitors’ computer. That is the short version.

Let’s talk about what Chat to Text really is. Chat to Text is an application that brings social networking, blogs, and websites together with texting, making your sites completely interactive. You can place this application on any of these sites, including Facebook, Myspace & Bebo. You copy and paste the code to your website and that’s it. Your site is now interactive. Your visitors will now be able to send you a text message right from your site and you will be able to respond back right to their computer. If you own a business and have a website do you see how powerful this application will be? It’s like having a 24/7 customer service on your site. If 24/7 is not for you then you can go in and set hours that you are available for chat. You can speak with a prospect or customer while they are still on your site. Now that is powerful! Want to stay in touch with your Myspace and Facebook friends? Just paste the code to your page and that’s it. All of your friends will now be able to text you from their computers to your mobile phone.

Wow! Sounds great, but how much do these features cost? Only $6.00/month and you can make all of your sites completely interactive. Now who doesn’t have $6.00, we waste that everyday now lets’ take that money and invest it into a goldmine. But wait. You can also share this feature with others and make yourself a nice RESIDUAL INCOME as well. Do you know anybody on Facebook, MySpace or BEBO? Do you know anyone who owns a website or has blog? Of course you do. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be from this planet. So check out this application and share it with others. It’s all about staying in contact. Give it a try you have nothing to lose.



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